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Martin O’Sullivan is one of the leading authorities in Ireland on farm finance. The firm of O’Sullivan Malone & Company has a particular expertise in all matters “rural” and has a client portfolio that includes some of the leading primary producers in the south-east.

With the emphasis on maximising output and minimising cost in today’s challenging environment it is incumbent upon you to talk to the experts if you are at all unhappy with the service from your present adviser.

It pays to be up-to-date with the latest advice and innovations within the industry and we are at present advising many clients on essential changes to the fabric of their business models.

Call us today on 051-640397 for a free initial consultation.

Retail Convenience

Our partners are owners and operators of retail convenience stores with turnover in excess of €10m. Headed up by John Malone, we have obtained the requisite knowledge of this very complex business sector through our direct involvement for over 14 years.

Our expertise is particularly strong in the procurement of management accounting information and in implementing systems that maximize the use of the business assets. Waste control measures and the custody of cash are also areas that we excel in.

The implantation of accounting systems that ensure full compliance with all regulatory demands is an area that requires the owner’s full attention and we can assist is achieving peace of mind for the business owners.

If you require the assistance of an expert in this particular business sector, call us now on 051-640397 for a free initial consultation.

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